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Our new Fish Cam series has landed!

The Fish Cam has landed in our Coral Seas Tunnel! As you’re being mesmerized by the beautiful array of creatures swimming over your head, it’s sometimes easy to miss the finer details. What is the Fish Cam series? The Fish Cam series is a new video film series that hopes to highlight the fish in … Continued

Seahorse Short Film

We hope you enjoy this short film showcasing one of the weirdest groups of fish that inhabit our oceans – seahorses. Learn about some of the features and behaviors that make these creatures so strange, as well as the challenges they face in todays ever threatened marine environment. Filmed in-house around our very own seahorse … Continued

Piper the Porcupine Pufferfish!

Here at Bristol Aquarium, Piper the Porcupine Pufferfish (Diodon holocanthus) is settling into its new home! Piper has been in quarantine for 5 weeks, being trained and getting prepared to enter their new home. Piper, short for Maris Piper, is named to carry on the theme of potatoes! Our other pufferfish’ are called King Edward … Continued

Alicia Hayden’s ‘Untamed’ makes a splash at Bristol Aquarium!

Award-winning wildlife artist Alicia Hayden makes a powerful statement at Bristol Aquarium. Untamed, started on Thursday 8th of December. Visitors will flock for 2 months to see the moving pieces of art. The focus of Alicia’s art is marine life. Untamed uses art to explore our oceans – wild, untamed, and unexplored ecosystems, which are … Continued

What Does an Aquarist Do? Behind the Scenes with Our Team

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at an aquarium? There’s more to it than you might think, with a dedicated team working hard to take care of our animals while ensuring our visitors enjoy a memorable experience. From skilled zoologists to passionate guest experience staff; it takes a lot of work … Continued

Pufferfish take on new training using a hula hoop!

At Bristol Aquarium, tropical pufferfish are being trained to come to the surface of the water to be fed using a hula hoop. Enrichment training is a key to the welfare of captive animals and pufferfish are very intelligent, hence why they are being trained at Bristol Aquarium.

Ask the Aquarium: An Eel-ectric Environment

(Please note we do not have an Electric Eel anymore at Bristol Aquarium) Ask the Aquarium Bristol Aquarium is a centre for education, leisure and entertainment. We share our knowledge of the oceans to inspire the next generation of budding enthusiasts, talking about the fascinating creatures that live in our seas and the issues that … Continued

Bristol Aquarium’s Baby Rays are all grown up!

Three thornback rays (Raja clavata) have outgrown their nursery tank and have just been introduced into the aquarium’s Bay of Rays exhibit. The young rays are around 16months and whilst they have outgrown their nursery tank they are still very small in comparison to the fully grown rays in the display.

Lots of tiny seahorse babies born at Bristol Aquarium!

Behind the scenes, Bristol Aquarium has successfully bred a herd of around 70 Lined Seahorses (Hippocampus erectus); aquarists are hard at work giving these tiny babies the best possible start in life. Following many previous achievements breeding big bellied seahorses, the team at Bristol Aquarium have branched out and bred a second species. “The parents … Continued

Cluster of Starfish Spawn on Display

Hundreds of tiny orange starfish eggs have been laid at Bristol Aquarium and the fascinating cluster can be seen by visitors in the nursery display tanks. The 200 or so eggs will remain almost microscopic until they undergo metamorphosis into small starfish when visitors will be able to spot their five legs in about 12 … Continued

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