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Adventure through the world’s oceans

With over 40 naturally-themed displays and thousands of aquatic creatures across geographical zones, Bristol Aquarium offers a fun and inspirational day out for all ages.


Home Educators

For home educators, we honour our education rate for your visit during term-time weekdays. We appreciate you may not have enough children to qualify for free ratios of children to adults, however you can benefit from our cheapest ticket prices below.

Education Prices

Education Admission RatesPrice (with VAT)
Educational Child (Off Peak: Sep – Apr) £7.95
Educational Child (Peak: May-Aug)£8.25
Concession (Age 18+)£16.82
Adult (Additional to free ratios)£18.64
Guided Tour (Max. 30 children, approx. 1 hr)£40.00 (Primary) or £60.00 (Secondary)
Carer for disabled child (1:1 only)FREE

FREE Ratios

Free adult to child ratios are 1:4 (Nursery) 1:6 (Primary) and 1:10 (Secondary+)


  • Free pre-visits for two teachers
  • Plenty of space for packed lunches
  • Café onsite
  • Fully accessible
  • A gift shop!

Please use our bookings form below to book your school visit!

Note, this form is to make an enquiry, and is not a Booking Confirmation. If the trip is confirmed, we’ll send you a booking confirmation email.

(Home Educators don’t need to use this Bookings Form.)

Both tours include an exclusive fish feeding experience to encourage the children to connect with the natural world. Guided tours are an additional charge or £40. For more information on our tours please visit:
Please note payment must be made on the day or in advance. Admission to the aquarium will not be permitted until full payment is made. Please ensure that cheques are made out to “Deep Sea Leisure”.


We welcome groups of all shapes and sizes. Any groups of 15 or more people benefit from a discounted admission!

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