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National Animal and Environmental Days You Should Know

The calendar is filled with national awareness days, and days to celebrate or raise awareness of certain causes – some of which you are probably already familiar with. However, there are some national days that are of particular interest to us because they relate to animals, sea creatures and looking after our planet’s resources! From … Continued

Our new Fish Cam series has landed!

The Fish Cam has landed in our Coral Seas Tunnel! As you’re being mesmerized by the beautiful array of creatures swimming over your head, it’s sometimes easy to miss the finer details. What is the Fish Cam series? The Fish Cam series is a new video film series that hopes to highlight the fish in … Continued

Ocean Animals Quiz: Can You Classify These Sea Creatures?

Whales, sharks, squids, dolphins – the ocean is full of amazing creatures, but do you know what differentiates them all? With so many amazing animals beneath the sea, it can be hard to know what’s what. To help you get to grips with the wonderful creatures which inhabit our seas, rivers, lakes and coasts, we’re … Continued

These Happy Sea Creatures Will Make You Smile

All sea creatures are happiest hanging out in their underwater habitats, whether that’s surrounded by coral reef, the ‘rainforest’ of the ocean, or chilling out in the sandy shallows. But the natural world can create some pretty extraordinary moments like a Stingray swimming along with a massive grin.

Do Mermaids Exist? Myth vs Reality

Mermaids are intriguing, mysterious sea-dwelling creatures that are typically known for being shy and wary of humans. Tales of mermaids date back thousands of years, but what do we really know about these half-women, half-fish creatures? The legends of mermaids have changed and evolved over the years, with some saying if you stand near the … Continued

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