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The centrepiece of Bristol Aquarium is the enormous Coral Seas display. This spectacular display themed on a warm water coral reef provides an awe inspiring home to over 250 marine animals.

At over 250,000 litres this massive display is where our Cownose Rays can be found patrolling the reef alongside cleaner wrasse, eels, oriental sweetlips, soldierfish and numerous other colourful species.

And of course the reef wouldn’t be complete without Nemo and Dory!

Wander through our magical Underwater Tunnel to see stunning sea creatures – big and small – up close as they swim over your head!

You’ll get to witness the heart of a coral reef filled with colourful sea anemones and corals. There’s also a special floor-to-ceiling viewing window at the end of the tunnel. Spot the pufferfish, rays, eels and tropical fish who all call this reef home.


Current Water Temp

23 – 27 / 73 – 80

Water Type


Climate / Biome


In This Exhibit

50+ Species

Where are we?

Pacific and Indian Oceans

Favourites In This Exhibit

Look down on our huge tropical display!

Head to the edge of the rainforest to meet even more fascinating species. Come face to face with piranhas and poisonous frogs!

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