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Shark Week


Visitors to Bristol Aquarium will have the chance to immerse themselves in a world of sharks and rays over the May Half Term Holidays (Saturday, May 24th – Sunday, June 1st).
‘Shark Week’ is a celebration of the ocean’s ultimate predators and will feature everything from preparing a shark’s dinner to actual shark and ray feeds as well as conservation and the chance to discover sharks in UK waters.
Younger visitors will be able to take part in shark and ray colouring workshops, there will be special mini behind the scenes tours to show how aquarists care for the aquarium’s sharks and other fishy residents and each day will end with a marine-themed story-telling session in front of the giant underwater viewing window.
Bristol Aquarium Park Director, David Waines, said: “Shark Week is always one of the most popular events here at the aquarium.
“People are genuinely fascinated by these amazing creatures which have existed relatively unchanged since before the time of the dinosaurs.
“This event gives us the chance to showcase the sheer variety and diversity of shark and ray species and highlight their positive characteristics, rather than just their negative ones,” he said.
Following on from visitors’ comments the aquarium has significantly increased the number and variety of daily activities which the public can get involved with events now taking place every half hour throughout the day.
“The feedback we have got from the public is it’s the opportunity to interact with the aquarists which makes for a truly memorable visit,” added David.
“For that reason we have dramatically increased the number of daily talks, feeds and demonstrations – for Shark Week there will be a dozen events taking place every day throughout the aquarium; beginning with ‘Sharks on our Shores’ at 10.45am and finishing with story time at 4.30pm,” he said.

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