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Grab Our ‘Kids for a £quid’ Offer Before it Swims Away (Summer 2017)

Please note this offer is for 2017 and has now expired.

Come join us a Bristol Aquarium this summer for plenty of fintastic fun! We’ve got a host of exciting events, activities, daily talks and feeds, and educational displays – what’s more, we’re offering a special discount during Summer 2017 for families! Our Kids for a £quid offer lets one child in for just £1 per one adult ticket.
Make the most of your summer holidays by diving into the underwater world with us and discovering all of our creatures. We’ve only got a limited amount of tickets on offer this Summer though, so make sure you order yours online quickly, before they swim away!**
*Summer 2017
All of our special offer tickets are valid at the aquarium until (and including) Sunday 3rd September 2017. Whether you’re looking for a day out to break up the holidays or a last-minute trip before your kids go back to school, there’s lots of things to see, do, and learn every day at the aquarium.

Go Back in Time at Our Jurassic Shark Event

Throughout August and right up to Sunday 3rd September 2017 we’re celebrating some of the ocean’s most amazing creatures for our Jurassic Shark event. Did you know that sharks have been swimming in our oceans for around 450 million years?! Travel back in time with us as we learn all about the evolution of these underwater giants.
We’ll be chatting about the infamously ferocious Megalodon – the biggest shark that ever lived! You can also get involved in dino digs, unearthing snippets of the past with our fossils and giant shark teeth; and go on a Jurassic journey around the aquarium, finding out all about the prehistoric creatures we have here.
If you thought sharks were old, jellyfish have been around longer than dinosaurs! That means they’ve been a part of Planet Earth for more than 650 million years! And, if that wasn’t enough, jellyfish can technically live forever. We’ll be exploring these fascinating creatures in detail and we’ll also have a crafty table set up so that children can make their own jellyfish souvenirs to take home.

Listen and Learn About All Our Fishy Friends

We have daily talks and feeds at the aquarium throughout the year, but especially for the summer we have a whole bunch more. Help us feed our Malawi Cichlids breakfast, watch our team of aquarists feed the seahorses, the sharks, and the tropical fish, and get your hands stuck in to feed our hungry mullet fish. If you’ve got any burning questions about our fishy friends, our team will be on hand to provide all your answers (not matter how silly!).
If you’re feeling especially brave, join us for our fish dissections. Although they’ll be a little bit gross, you can learn everything there is to know about cephalopods with the real-life squid dissection.

Book Your ‘Kids for a £quid’ Tickets Online

Fancy paying us a visit before summer’s over? Come and join us along Bristol’s beautiful harbourside and make the most of the Kids for a £quid offer before it ends *2017! Book your discounted tickets online, or pick up the phone and call us on 0117 929 8929 if you have any other questions. We’ll see you soon!

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