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Half Term at Bristol Aquarium

It’s not just Halloween taking over this month as SCARY CLAWS and SPOOKY TOURS comes to Bristol Aquarium this half term. Forget about the pumpkin carving because there’s so much more fun to be had.
School may be out for the week, but that doesn’t mean the learning has to stop, and it certainly won’t as we dive deep into the spooky ocean and learn all there is to know about the monsters of the seas.

After Hours

Get your torches at the ready because on Friday 26th October we’re inviting you AFTER HOURS! That’s right, leave your jitters at home as you go on a family-friendly spooky tour through the aquarium. You’ll be guided by ghouls around the haunted shipwreck and be told terrifying stories from the deep. We ain’t afraid of no ghosts and you shouldn’t be either, so join us on this spooky after hours tour.

Frightening Fun

Do you have your broomsticks ready? Because we’re flying you to the dark side of the ocean this half term and Halloween. Immerse yourself in the ocean’s underworld as you join a tour of the aquarium’s most deadly creatures – hands by your sides because the ferocious piranhas will be about, especially when you experience being a fish keeper, feeding a shoal of giant (vegetarian) piranhas!
Nothing says Halloween without a few screams, right? Welcome to Squeamish Squid! This half term you’ll have the chance to watch a squid dissection. WARNING! This is definitely not for the faint hearted.
Moving away from the screams and onto the creeps! A Creepy Crustacean Station will be available this half term for you to get your hands on real lobster moults and crab claws. Whether you’re feeling crabby or snappy this half term, the Crustacean Station is the place to go.
The frightening fun doesn’t stop there, either. See the real monsters of the seas with spooky sharks and a terrifying tropical trek! View the full half term schedule here.

Get your fins on some spooky savings this Halloween half term by getting your tickets online here.
Published: 24/10/2018

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