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Bristol Aquarium displays a cute young pufferfish!

Bristol’s city centre aquarium has a new, young pufferfish on display for visitors to see.
The Starry Pufferfish (Arothron stellatus) was donated to Bristol Aquarium from a pet shop that could not sell it. It arrived just 5cm long and underweight but has since been cared for by a team of aquarists to bring it up to health and has grown to around 15cm.
Now the pufferfish is healthy it has been put onto display for visitors to see. It is currently in a small tropical display but will be moved to the large coral tank once grown – this species can grow up to 120cm!

Mark Iwachiw, Head of Zoological at Bristol Aquarium said: “We are so pleased how well the pufferfish has grown since his arrival. We have trained him to collect food from a blue hoop so we can easily monitor how much he is eating and how well he is growing.”
Joe Feasey-Kemp, Aquarist at Bristol Aquarium added: “We’ve named the pufferfish ‘Markie’ after our manager because they both have a ferocious appetite!”


The Starry Pufferfish is a solitary species who lives in coral reefs and lagoons. Markie can be found in the tropical displays at Bristol Aquarium. See what other animals Bristol Aquarium have in the coral reef display. 
Bristol Aquarium is located on the historic Harbourside and is home to thousands of creatures from the world’s waters. The aquarium is open everyday (except Christmas day) from 10am. Buy discounted tickets online!

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