Wedding Cookies

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Through absolutely no planning or foresight, I managed to coincide the scheduling of the Bride-to-Be Cookies Class with a royal wedding. Royal icing and royal wedding – splendid, what?! 😉

I distinctly remember sitting around a TV  in the school hall the day Prince Charles and Lady Diana got married. It was pure magic for a 6 year old little girl! 
Then roll the clock forward a couple of decades, and I only managed to catch glimpses of the next big royal wedding (William and Kate) while looking after a small baby and a toddler. 
I had a little more time to watch this one now. 
Did you see any of it? What did you think? I enjoyed the simplicity of it.
(Although I’m sure it was 100 times more complex behind-the-scenes than your average wedding!) 
So, in the spirit of simplicity – here’s two gowns for the price of one …


Just cut and trim.
No expensive designer price tags!

See a recent post on how to make the bouquet cookie here:

Happy decorating!