Vintage Tea Party Cupcakes: Mini-Macarons Tutorial

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So we had a Vintage Tea Party themed cupcake class. And you can’t have a tea party theme without a tea party. Which means pretty cake stands brimming with cake and cupcakes… and macarons. 
I dusted off my nerves and made some macarons again (you know I have a love-hate relationship with these confounding confections!) 
And, actually, they didn’t turn out badly. Yay me! 😅
Let me introduce you to the easiest macarons you’ll ever make, though.

They are oh-so-simple. And cute.
And not real.
But you can eat them….

Here’s how to create this pretty platter of miniature sugar paste macarons
(all made with a modelling chocolate fondant blend, with some tylose/CMC paste added to it.
Miniature Sugar Paste Macarons Tutorial:
For the platter: 
The edge of the platter is made in a mould, using grey modelling chocolate/ fondant/ tylose paste blend. 

Roll out your grey paste and cut out the base of the platter using a small circle/ scalloped cutter. 
Allow to dry. 

Dust with silver luster
Stick edging and base together with edible glue
Now for the macarons: 
Use a small circle cutter to cut out small rounds of paste – two in the same colour and slightly thicker than a third in a different colour.  
Use a cocktail stick or the sharp point of a frilling tool to gently create the foot of the macaron… it’s just a bit of texturing along one edge of the paste. I hold the small disc of paste gently between thumb and index finger and score the edge, pushing it outwards slightly at the same time to create a tiny frill. 

Sandwich together with edible glue. 
Assemble on the platter 

When dry, place onto a disc of fondant on top of a pretty swirl of icing. 

So easy!
Have you tried making the real things yet? Let me know if you have, and how they turned out – I love hearing macaron success (and horror) stories!

You can see the macarons that I made for the tea party here . 
Happy baking!