Vertical Striped Sponge Cake

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When I posted pictures of this cake on Facebook and Instagram , I called it a “simple cake”.
It wasn’t….

It’s origin goes back a few weeks to when I was making some sheet cakes to use for mini’s. 
They baked a lot thinner than what I wanted, so I cling-wrapped them, and put them in the freezer, for some use that I’d have to figure out later. 
Well, later came and I realised they were perfect to use for making a cake with vertical stripes. 
One of those things that seems easy enough until you try it. 😅
Style Sweet CA did a much better job of it than I, so here’s a link to her blog post and tutorial
It drives me a little crazy that my stripes aren’t all perfectly even and parallel. But I’m going to pass it off as a first attempt, and part of the learning curve…. which is a curve and not a straight line !

The cake itself is ganache-covered vanilla sponge using this recipe, filled with a turkish delight buttercream. More on that in a future post 😉  
Happy baking and creating!