Trolls Toppers: Poppy and Branch

Posted by Admin on Food & Drinks
When I look at these two together I have to smile – not just because Trolls is such a cute movie, (the bits I’ve seen at least!) but because the pair of them remind me of my son and daughter … chalk and cheese, I tell you. Poppy and Branch. 

Just look at her there: hand on hip, bright and cheery, irritating the berries off of her brother him!

I can be a bit of the introverted analytical type myself, at times. So I can identify with that humph!

Thank goodness for the Poppy’s in our lives, though, right?  As maddening as all that joy and  sweetness can be (and so much singing!), they certainly make the world a brighter place (and even manage to cajole us Branch’s out of our grumps at times!)

See a great Poppy tutorial here – courtesy of Crumb Avenue .

Happy decorating!