Toadstool Fairy and Modelling Pastes

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When I first started modelling fondant figurines, I remember being so proud of my creations, but looking back they weren’t very good at all! I even made some dodgy tutorials🙈
 (No, please – that is not a cue to go back and look up anything I posted before 2014!)
 Back then, I used a modelling paste made from adding tylose / CMC powder to fondant, which is a very quick and easy way to get a firmer paste (1 tsp powder kneaded into 250g fondant). 
While that works, it doesn’t have the flexibility of the modelling chocolate /fondant blend which has become my preferred modelling medium. 


Modelling chocolate/ fondant blend – is a 1:1 ratio of fondant and modelling chocolate. 
 i.e. if I have 100g fondant, I’ll add 100g modelling chocolate to that to make the blend. 
To create a firmer, drier paste (especially useful in high humidity months) I also add CMC / Tylose paste to the mix. It has to be the paste, not simply the powder because the powder when added to a modelling chocolate blend, doesn’t seem to be as effective as it is when added to plain fondant. 
What amount of CMC paste do I add? About 25% of the weight of the blend. 
100g fondant and 100g modelling chocolate (200g together) will need about 50g tylose paste. But you can play around with those ratios depending on your requirements. 

I avoid having to separate eggs, wherever possible and always have meringue powder available for making royal icing. So this is my recipe for CMC /tylose paste using meringue powder (locally called Actiwhite) instead of fresh egg white. And it uses an electric mixer… because getting my hands sticky is also something I prefer to avoid!

 CMC  / Tylose Paste with Meringue Powder

80ml water
3 tbs meringue powder
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
2 tbs CMC powder
500g icing sugar + extra
1 tbs Holsum / Crisco (white vegetable fat)

Whisk the meringue powder in the water to form a paste.
Add in the cream of tartar and 2 cups of the icing sugar. Use the paddle attachment of your mixer to beat on low.
Add in the CMC powder and another 2 cups of icing sugar. Mix well.
You might want to change over to the dough hook at this stage, as the paste begins to firm up.
Mix well on low speed. If the paste is clumping, take out of the mixing bowl, and knead until it comes together.
The paste should not feel sticky and moist. If it does, knead more icing sugar into it.

You can halve the ingredients for a smaller batch of paste. Just be careful to measure out your water volume correctly – a little too much water, and you’ll be struggling to reach a final dry paste consistency. I usually weigh the water for this recipe – 80ml water = 80g.  

Happy modelling!