The Princess and the Troll

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Whenever I write one of these Then & Now posts, it does occur to me that I’ll probably look back in another few years and say Eeeeuw! to both the pics.
I’ll just have to edit this post with a then, then and now picture.
But for now now…

This is Princess Poppy from a recent class…

And this was a princess topper I did 5 years ago….

Notice the patchy glitter on that perched crown; the spot of pink for her ?lips, and the head that’s merging with her shoulders… 😂
I thought she was lovely at the time! 
(I think I made this for you, Lauren. You have my humble apologies. If you ever move back to the country, I promise I’ll make you something better!!) 
The question is … which one is the real troll?! 
Happy decorating!