“Stuck on You” Valentines Cactus Cookies

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The very first class I offered was Valentines Cookies.
Those days I had mounds of enthusiasm and not much skill, or experience.
We used three colours (red, white and pink), and decorated heart-shaped cookies. Heart-shaped cookies only.
Visionary stuff! 🙈

We’ve progressed a little since then.
And become a little more imaginative with the theme!

This year it’s “Stuck on You”  – cacti being so on-trend. And oh-so-huggable!

I love all the various wet-on-wet techniques one can play with in this theme:

Like this one, with just a bit of feathering on wet-on-wet stripes

and this one, even simpler – just stripes.

That’s the easy part.
The tricky bit, and always my biggest challenge, is writing script on a cookie. And it’s a must for this particular theme.

If you don’t have a projector to make your life easier, then print out the fonts that you’ll be using and use a transfer method to get the script onto a dried flooded background.
Here’s one way: http://www.sugaredproductions.com/blog/transferring-an-image-without-a-projector/
and here:

 Or throw caution to the wind and copy them free-hand  (which is still a step up from just winging it!). I write the script on lightly with a graphite pencil first, then go over that with icing.

 If you’re looking for a great selection of fonts, try www.dafont.com,  or download an app like Font Gallery on your tablet or phone.

There you go… Looking sharp!