Stencilled Plaque Cookies

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I made a batch of cookie dough with every intention of doing some recreational baking and decorating, but between hospital work; hospital visits; vet visits, and the school play, time has been in  very short supply this week.

And while cookie dough freezes well, my need-to-create doesn’t (it’s a recreational habit, not an addiction. Really!) so I’m feeling stymied at the moment. 
I’ll just have to channel that creative urge into writing about it, instead.
Those that can, do; those that can’t, blog about it…!  
(You know that I don’t really mean that!) 
So, when time is short (as it so often is these days), it’s handy to have a few decorating short-cuts you can turn to. 
Flooded cookies (dried), stencils, luster spray and edible decorations made in silicone moulds …

…is all you need to make these pretty cookies. 
See how I apply the luster spray here, and how to use a silicone mould here. (Note that in that tutorial I was using CMC paste in the mould, but I used a modelling chocolate/ fondant blend to make these flowers and frames.) 
Happy decorating!