Stencilled Pineapple Cookies

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And we’re back!

Our holiday felt like endless days of sun and sea.
And then suddenly it was all over!

We came straight back into piles of washing, no electricity (load shedding), and today… no water (a burst pipe.) Aargh!
Reality bites back!

So, let’s rather think back to the happy days before we even left on holiday – and talk pineapple party…

I promised more pineapple cookies. And here they are, including a quick video – in case you missed it on IG or Facebook. 

I really enjoyed making these. The stencilling worked out well – much to my relief!
It was so much easier than piping a pineapple pattern, and a quick and easy way to incorporate gold into the design. (There had to be gold in the design!)
The girls loved the decorated cookies at the party – choosing them first out of all the treats. 
Pineapple power!
Happy decorating. 😊