Snowflake Cookies and Cutters

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Every Christmas I pause, and think how odd it is to be decorating snowmen and snowflakes in the peak of summer. But it doesn’t stop me from doing it! The pull of Northern Hemisphere tradition is too strong to be denied (and who knows, with climate change maybe one day we’ll get our Christmas wish… Eeek! A classic example of be careful what you wish for!)


So, I do own a snowflake cutter or 3… but in case you don’t, here’s a very easy solution:

Use a 6-petal flower cutter (got one of those?!) and cut indents into each petal of cookie dough.
That’s the tip of a little heart cutter I’m using for the task &/in these pics…

Bake and decorate – Voila – a snowflake, or 3…

Have a look at another post from a year ago on how to make wet-on-wet / colour-flow snowflakes.

Happy decorating!