Shark Cookies & Shark Cupcakes

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And of course there were shark cookies…

Shark attack cookies!

 …and shark cupcakes…

The cookies were the biggest hit. Usually at kids parties, there are bits of half-bitten eats scattered around, right?!
 Well, for a change the look was deliberate! And then they got properly devoured (the only boy who left a half-eaten one was my son…)
 The bite mark was created using the edge of a small hedgehog cutter. Which was just weird (hedgehog vs shark…?!)
The “jaws” design and shark-attacked surfboards were both inspired by Sweetsugarbelle.
And every boy went home with his own reef shark to nibble on.

The cupcakes were buttercream-covered red velvet, with a blackcurrent jam secret centre, just to hint at a bit of gore lurking in the depths. It was an 8 year old boy’s party, ok! 

Shark-infested cupcakes!

I’ll share the chocolate cake recipe that I used for the cake  with you soon.

Happy baking!