Pineapple Cake Topper

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If you’re a homebody like me, coming back from holiday is always a bittersweet occasion. 
I love the familiarity of home, but it also means back to work, back to housework, and back to a list of things to do that were put away in the to-be-done-after-the-holiday file. 
Oh, boy. 
I need another holiday already!
 Some of those those tasks, though, are more pleasurable than others (the most daunting on the list is a trip to home affairs to find a long-overdue document). So, let’s continue wrapping up some of the loose ends from Sabrina’s pineapple-themed party. 
You might’ve thought I’d make an actual pineapple cake, but no – it was a pretty pink creation, with “confetti” and a gold pineapple topper – inspired by the birthday invitation. 
The topper is made from CMC / tylose paste. The underlying layer is white, with an embossed gold-lustered layer placed on top of that. 
1. cut the pineapple out of white CMC paste. 
2. use the “cling-wrap on top method” to do this – it gives the cutout more rounded edges (4).
3. place a long cocktail stick through the base of the pineapple. 
4. see… rounded edges 😉
5. roll out and emboss some light yellow CMC paste, and cut out another pineapple. 
6. luster this with gold powder. 
7. use small square or diamond shaped cutters to cut up the pineapple. Free-hand cut the leaves. 
8. re-assemble the pieces on the base pineapple. 
9. use CMC glue to stick them in place. 
10. add a few flowers to complete the topper. Leave to dry completely before using on a cake. 
In case you missed it on Instagram, here’s a quick video on how to make the mini frangipanis… 

Happy decorating!