Painted Tropical Leaf Cookies

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 I hadn’t intended to write a post about these painted tropical leaf cookies ( I thought), but then I found a photo I’d taken in the course of making them. So I must have intended, after all …! 
Only one photo *sigh* 
I scrolled back and forth through the camera roll, but still … only one. 🙈
These are seriously simple, though. So a written explanation will easily suffice: 
The lonely photo
  • Flood cookies with dusky pink royal icing. Allow to dry completely. 
  • I airbrushed a pearl sheen on top; you could dry brush on luster dust, or just omit this step.
  • Mix powder food colouring with a very small quantity of clear alcohol, or water. 
  • Prepare 2 shades of green – one dark, and one light.  
  • Look up “tropical leaf template” on Pinterest for ideas 
  • Use a graphite pencil (non-toxic) to outline the tropical leaves on the cookie 
  • Paint over the outline with a fine paintbrush using the darker green. 
  • Allow to dry, then paint in the rest of the colour, using a combination of the dark and light greens. 
  • The trick with painting onto royal icing, is to avoid going over recently painted areas with more paint – too much moisture dissolves the icing. Rather allow coats to dry in between applications, or complete an area with one application of paint only. 
… dissolving canvases – a horror only sugar-artists would understand!

Happy decorating!