Monster Cupcakes – Royal Icing Eyes

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Silly season… 
It’s busy, isn’t it?! 
But it’s not just all the countdown-to-Christmas stuff; it’s the squeeze-everything-into-the-year-that-hasn’t-yet-been-done stuff, too. 
And it would also be when my daughter’s teacher and the intern both have their birthdays! 
So this is what I made for the class to celebrate the intern’s birthday:

I did reassure the moms that the fact that they were monster cupcakes was no reflection on our children. (Probably more a reflection on my state of mind at this time of year…)

I wasn’t up to the task of rolling 24 pairs of googly fondant eyes, so made these out of royal icing instead:

Royal icing eyes:

Pipe rounds of white with just-thicker than flood-consistency royal icing, followed immediately by a smaller round of black on top, and a dot of white for the flash of light in the eye.

Allow to dry completely before removing from the baking parchment and placing onto the monsters.

The buttercream on the cupcakes is piped with the grass nozzle – Ateco 133, and the little bows are made from a modelling chocolate / fondant blend.

For the teacher’s birthday I made them chocolate-glazed mini donuts. You can see those here on Instagram. 
Ok, so a couple more things done for the year  ✓✓ 
Happy decorating!