Mee Suah in Thunder Tea Rice Broth

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Happy Lunar New Year!
 May All be well, happy and prosperous …
January gone! and it is now February 2010, getting near to Chinese New Year which is on 14 February! I still have not started working on any of my to-do list.  Busy and will be very very busy, as I fallen in love with –  Doing Nothing at all and trying too enjoy the Sound of Silence …
What I had for lunch yesterday was just a bowl of Simple Mee Suah in Thunder Tea Rice Broth! I got the handmade Mee Suah (product of malaysia) from someone quite awhile ago and still have not finished the pack.  Just throw the mee suah in boiling water to cook it for a minutes or two and then transfer to the piping hot Thunder Tea Rice Broth, garnish with some coriander leaf and chilli if desired.
Too plain? Add something to it – blanched shimeji mushroom maybe! Or some veggies!