Kitchen Tea Bouquet Cookies

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I remember sketching wedding gowns as a child – they always had sweetheart necklines, huge puffy sleeves and flamboyant skirts ❲I was a child during the 80’s; watching Princess Diana walk down the aisle when I was 6 made a lasting impression! ❳ 
There’s still a little girl in me that loves designing wedding dresses, and wedding cakes too – but I’ll  stick to making the cookie kind, thank you!

These cookies were part of a special kitchen tea class we did in March.
The colours were ivory, pink, dark green and taupe; with lots of roses – wet-on-wet ones, and also pre-made, dried royal icing roses ❲simple swirls, ribbon roses, and blooms piped with a petal tip❳.

The beauty of making dozens of little icing roses in advance, is that they can easily be added to any cookie and add a pretty extra dimension to your design. 

         Bouquet Cookie:
  • Flood the cookie with ivory royal icing
  • Decorate with wet-on-wet roses. These take a little bit of practice – but are quite forgiving in this cookie because they’re part of the background. 
  • Pipe on some stems. 
  • Now leave the icing to set. 
  • Arrange a selection of dried royal icing roses onto your bouquet. 
  • When you are happy with the arrangement, pipe a dot of royal icing behind each and secure in place. 
  • Pipe on a few more stems, leaves, gypsophila dots, and the bow. 

And if you need a little help with your roses, three of my favourite cookie decorators can help you –  
  • View Sweetambs tutorial on wet-on-wet roses here
  • Sweet Sugarbelle’s tutorial on simple swirl roses here;
  • The Bearfoot Baker’s tutorial on piping royal icing roses here

Practice makes pretty 😊

Happy decorating!