Gorjuss Inspired Woodlands Cookies

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Yes, it was just last month that I said I was planning on keeping things sweet and simple in the cookie classes this year. And then I come along with this Gorjuss doll inspired “Walk in the Woods” cookie class….

Not so simple, perhaps – but oh, so sweet.
And an opportunity to decorate woodlands-themes again. My absolute favourite!

The first step in decorating the Gorjuss girls, was getting their image on the cookie. 
Two gorgeous Gorjuss stamps made that easy. 
Stamping on cookies is really simple, and I’ve covered the technique before – here
After the image is on the cookie, it’s just a matter of staging which areas you fill with icing. 
I outlined an area with detail consistency royal icing using a small Ateco 00 piping tip, then flooded with 15 second icing using an Ateco 01 tip. 

It’s important to let the icing set before flooding an adjacent area.

Another option, which is a little quicker, is to paint on the colour.   
Edible paint is made by mixing a little powdered colour with  clear alcohol or water. 
Here’s a post I did recently on painting on cookies – http://teacakeandcreate.blogspot.co.za/2018/01/painted-tropical-leaf-cookies.html
The take home message from that post is that because your “canvas” tends to dissolve if it gets too wet, the trick with painting onto royal icing, is to avoid going over recently painted areas with more paint – too much moisture dissolves the icing. Rather allow coats to dry in between applications, or complete an area with one application of paint only. 

It’s so very satisfying to see these cookies come to life as you fill in the details.

Full kudos, of course, to Santoro, the creators of the Gorjuss range!

Happy decorating!