Giant Oreo Cake

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While I’ve been known to congratulate myself for spacing my children’s birthdays (and ergo their parties) 6 months apart*, I didn’t take into consideration my husband’s birthday. That particular date has to squeeze itself into a small space between Sabrina’s birthday and Easter. 
And because Easter cookie classes are always so busy,  baking anything for my husband’s big day is usually a very secondary consideration. 
This year was a decade celebration, though, so we couldn’t ignore it completely! 

(* You know I didn’t really plan that. But I am always grateful that it worked out that way! )

We’re planning an official celebration next month, but for now it was just a little family tea party at home. 
I used the not-quite-a-pound-cake chocolate cake recipe, and sandwiched the layers (which were baked in an Oreo silicone cake mould) together with cream cheese icing, chocolate cream cheese icing and real Oreo’s… 
The result was a delicious dark chocolate cake with a bite of crunch and bit of cream… 
And now back to Easter baking!