French Beans Salad with Miso Tofu Dressing

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Simple and fun to serve as side dish or salad! Omit tofu and replace with oil if desired.  Add few shreds of carrot for a colourful presentation.

Preparation:      10 mins  Cooking time:   5 mins
Ingredients (serves 2-4)
°         150g French bean, trimmed, cut into small section and blanched
°         Some sesame seeds and chilli flakes or shichimi for garnish
Miso Tofu Dressing
°         100g silken tofu
°         ½ tablespoon miso paste or to taste
°         1/3 – ½ tablespoon sugar or to taste  
°         Few drops of sesame oil (optional)
1.       Combine the miso tofu dressing ingredients in a bowl. Mix and mashed well.
2.       Add in the French beans and mix well. 
3.       Garnish with sesame seeds, chilli flakes or shichimi and serve.