Dinosaur Birthday Cake – with Tropical Leaves

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There’s a lot of things I could say about this cake – like how I made the dinosaur (head, body and tail moulded as a single unit for stability); or the teeth (done the way I made shark teeth for another of my son’s birthday cakes); or even how the wooden gate was constructed (and what a big difference the shading on it makes). 
But … seeing that I didn’t take any progress shots of those steps, I’ll just share a quick tropical leaf tutorial with you instead. 

Not the tropical leaves in the background of the photo (which I pulled off the road to cull from a plant on an abandoned verge. Did I hear someone say crazy woman?), but the ones on the cake:

 Because that’s what you notice about this cake, right – the tropical leaves…!?!

Ok, maybe they’re just part of the background decor, but I was super-pleased with myself for figuring out those wedges!

Tropical Leaves:  
Cut leaf shapes out of green paste (I use my standard modelling chocolate / fondant blend ), use the tip of a petal piping nozzle – e.g. an Ateco 104 – to cut the wedges out of the leaves. (Did I hear someone say brilliant?!) Brilliant!
Add veins with a dresden tool/ leaf veiner,
and some shading with powdered colour 

Yes, that’s what he’s looking back at and grinning about – those tropical leaves!

If you are more interested in those teeth though – you’ll find a quick tip for making them here:

If you want to see this fella without teeth, I shared an edentulous picture of him on Instagram.

Happy decorating!