Black and White Ganache Birthday Cake.

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So, what do you do when you’ve got to make a cake for your niece who is turning 18, and the weather is absolutely dismal – 99% relentless humidity. 99% impossible to work with sugar.
(I know…  I talk moan about the weather a lot in spring. And truly, I am grateful for the rain after the drought. But really – this mist could just contain itself a little, you know?!)

Anyway… Chloe’s cake.
She’s a lovely, easy-going young woman who had requested something yellow, black and white. “But really – whatever, I don’t mind”.

You’d think that an open invitation like that would make the creative juices flow, but really – it’s impossible in this weather! 

So, I settled on a simple ganache’d cake, with yellow flowers and a drip element. (Hoping that the drip would not include the decorations slowly melting away down the sides of the cake!)

The C would never have set by itself (yes… the weather), so it’s wired for support:

The flowers dried and then wilted and then dried again – left for a few hours in a room with the aircon on high.

The black ganache is made by adding black food colouring (powdered) to dark chocolate ganache.

The cake itself is layers of alternating dark chocolate and sour cream vanilla, sandwiched together with cookies and cream icing.

I was going to take a picture of a slice, but the monkeys got in and destroyed everything that was left over. Another spring problem… Oh, the joys!

Happy (spring) baking!